View of Lac Tremblant in Quebec
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When: October 13-15, 2023
Where: Mont Tremblant, QC
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Mont Tremblant village at fall as the foliage change for vibrant

Families Summit of Minds 2023

Over three days, Families Summit of Minds will combine high-level thinking, access to an exceptional network and mind-stretching conversations in an informal atmosphere defined by mutual trust. We've set ambitious goals: to inspire our guests with tangible outcomes and see you go home with at least a new idea, new friend or a new project.

Featured Speakers

Public Policy Forum award recipient Lisa Raitt in Toronto January 30, 2023. Photograph by Blair Gable
Lisa Raitt
Co-chair, Coalition for a Better Future
What Would a Better Future Look Like for Canadians?

Andrew Keyt
Co-founder, Generation6
What If Growth Stops?

Helle Bank Jorgensen
CEO & Founder, Competent Boards
The Future of Work

Dan Wicklum
CEO, The Transition Accelerator
A Change of Climate

Sanjay Sharma
Dean, University of Vermont
Climbing the Sustainability Mountain

Karl Moore
Professor, Oxford University
With Youth Comes Wisdom

Yann Coatanlem
CEO, DataCore Innovations
Combining Efficiency, Equity and Prosperity

This year's theme: Disruption and Disruptors

Lend your mind and voice to today's vital conversations in Mont Tremblant, Quebec at Families Summit of Minds 2023. See this year's program, which is focused on two main threads:

1. Key macro issues (economics, geopolitics, society, environment and tech) and how they are likely to evolve and impact your investment and business decisions.

2. Themes at the intersection of natural capital and the great outdoors, especially their fundamental contribution to our planetary, societal and individual wellbeing.

Families Summit of Minds probes the value of family purpose and shared prosperity. We do this through the collective knowledge of prescient participants – thought leaders and strategists whose views enrich the immersive experience for all – in a refreshingly diverse three-day experiential gathering.

Why Attend

New Connections
Make new connections with business families from across North America who understand your unique reality.

Thought Leaders
Get unique insights and perspectives on today's issues directly from global thought leaders in family enterprise.

New Opportunities
Take full advantage of this Summit to discover the opportunities of tomorrow for your business and family.

Learning Together
Strengthen your family relationships as you and your family members learn, share and grow together in nature.

What to Expect

  • Meaningful insights into concrete matters that will touch your enterprise and your family’s future
  • New ways of anticipating economic growth, or indeed de-growth, and how to capitalize on it
  • Learning how shifting labour pools will affect the enterprise of tomorrow
  • Fresh approaches that define “family”
  • Ways to enhance enterprise longevity, fine-tune stewardship and build legacy
  • New ideas on which to act in a big-picture context of global trade, geopolitics, technology, climate risk, health, innovation and more