NextGen Retreat (Monday, May 27)

Join your peers for this unique opportunity to come together, connect, learn and have fun before the rest of our community arrives for Symposium 2024!

There will be a casual dinner on Sunday, May 26 for those who arrive a day early. The NextGen Pre-Symposium Retreat will begin on Monday, May 27 with a breakfast, and Symposium 2024 will kick off later that day.

Who can attend
This retreat is open to anyone in the next generation of their business family, including members of Family Enterprise Canada, as well as non-members.

Downtown Calgary

NextGen Retreat Registeration


$750 Free - Included in membership
This retreat is free for Family Enterprise Canada NextGen members.


$750 + applicable taxes
Please invite other NextGens! This retreat is open to next generation members of a family business.