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Pre-Symposium Programming

Important Note:
These events take place before Symposium begins. Please be mindful when booking your travel and hotel.

For NextGens: Pre-Symposium Retreat

NextGens! We are thrilled to once again host this Pre-Symposium NextGen Retreat, starting with dinner on Sunday, May 26 and then a day of learning on Monday, May 27 right before Symposium begins.

This retreat starts before Symposium, so please be mindful of these dates when booking your travel and hotel.

Please note: This retreat requires separate registration. Get more details →

For FEAs: Integrating FEA Into Your Practice

Deepen your understanding of family enterprise advising and learn new tools to add to your practice by participating in this newly developed workshop, taking place just before Symposium begins on Monday, May 27.

This workshop starts before Symposium, so please be mindful of these dates when booking your travel and hotel.

Please note: This workshop requires separate registration. Get more details →


Monday, May 27
1:00 PM - 9:00 PM MDT

This year's theme:

1:00 PM MDT
Registration Opens

Come register, grab your name badge and a welcome package before FEYA and the rest of Symposium begins!

4:30 PM MDT
National Family Enterprise of the Year Award
(FEYA) Celebration

Established in 1986, the Family Enterprise of the Year Award (FEYA) is given annually to celebrate the achievements of Canadian family businesses and the considerable contribution they make to their local communities and our national economy.

2023 National FEYA Finalists:

  • British Columbia Finalist: Nicola Wealth and the Nicola Family
  • Ontario Finalist: Zavitz Insurance & Wealth and the Zavitz Family
  • Prairies Finalist: Sunterra Group of Companies and the Price Family

Learn more about FEYA


Tuesday, May 28
7:30 AM - 8:00 PM MDT
7:30 AM MDT

Enjoy a wonderful breakfast while learning and connecting alongside your family, friends and colleagues before our day begins!

8:30 AM MDT
Opening Remarks

Don't miss the opening to our first full day at Symposium!

8:35 AM MDT
Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

Please join us for an Indigenous Land Acknowledgement, conversation and some important remarks.

From the Calgary Foundation: Land Acknowledgement Video

9:05 AM MDT
Introducing the New CEO

Please join us in welcoming our new CEO, Steve Beauchesne, as we discuss some exciting updates for our community.

9:35 AM MDT
An Inspiring Family Business Story:
Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

To kick off our program, please join us as we hear an inspiring family business story.

Beau’s Brewing Co. was conceived, as so many wonderful things are, over a pint of beer. Since 2006, they have been brewing interesting, award-winning and tasty craft beers using high quality ingredients. They do this because beer has always been a social connector, and the power of conversation can evoke change. Sharing a beer with someone is a moment like no other. It has electric energy. They take pride in crafting their beer to bring people together and celebrate these moments.

Steve Beauchesne, CEO, Family Enterprise Canada and Co-founder of Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

10:30 AM MDT
Networking Break

Enjoy a break and catch up with your family, friends and colleagues.

11:00 AM MDT
Concurrent Family Discussion

Generation Green: Driving Social Impact Amidst Leadership Transition

During this session, we will hear stories from business families on:

  • How the next generation of leaders are driving social, digital, and environmental impact in their industries, while balancing transition.
  • The power of family businesses in shaping a sustainable world and leading positive organizational change.
  • The shift towards values-driven decision making and what this looks like in practice.
  • Key principles for establishing a progressive multi-generational family legacy.
  • Strategies for sustainable growth and the importance of leading digital transformation.

Richa Arora, Partner, KPMG Family Office, Practice Lead Family Enterprise Advisory

Concurrent FEA Session

The Trouble with Transitions: What Advisors Need to Know

Enterprise-owning families are most likely to seek out advice when they are facing major changes in business and family life. Transition events can have significant and surprising implications for the client-advisor relationship. In this session, participants will examine how to work more effectively with clients undergoing significant life change. Strategies will be presented for safeguarding and restoring decision-making capacity in clients experiencing mental depletion. Participants will also consider the impact of their own life transitions on the work that they do.

Dr. Moira Somers, Founding Partner, Blackwood Family Enterprise Services

12:00 PM MDT

Enjoy a delicious lunch with the whole community!

1:30 PM MDT
Charting the Course: Navigating Life Cycles to Cultivate Continuity

From individual growth to family dynamics, and business operations to industry transformation, navigating life cycles is not just a journey, but an elaborate dance. As these life cycles intersect and influence each other, families and advisors must navigate through the layers of complexity to find and leverage opportunities that cultivate continuity through synergy, complementarity, and renewal.

Caroline Phaneuf, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Crysalia
Patricia Saputo, Co-Founder, Executive Chairperson of the Board & Strategic Advisor, Crysalia
Anna Giampà, Chief Learning and Development Officer, Crysalia

3:00 PM MDT
Networking Break

Enjoy a break with your family, friends and colleagues.

3:45 PM MDT
Philanthropreneurism: A Modern Approach to Philanthropy

This fireside chat will explore why the charitable sector is ripe for disruption and why donors need to think differently about where and how they direct their giving. Serious Coin creator and host, Kelly Willis-Green, will interview Jim Hayhurst, an award-winning CEO, community leader, investor, board member and advisor to impactful companies and non-profits.

Jim’s approach to philanthropy embraces innovation and risk. It looks more like venture philanthropy, or 'philanthropreneurism' as it’s been called, and less like traditional charity and cheque-writing.

Kelly Willis-Green, Creator and Host, Serious Coin

Special Guest:
Jim Hayhurst, Investor and CEO, Hayven Advisory

4:45 PM MDT
Build Resilience the Fun Family Way With Jessica Holmes

There’s no better way than humour to remind us we’re all in this together, so take a load off with some laughs! Jessica Holmes will prove that comedy is more than an entertainment form. She will teach us how anyone can use comedy as a powerful filter, through which we can navigate stressful situations and empower ourselves to recover from setbacks, as well as face challenges more easily.

Jessica Holmes, Comedian, Author and Mental Health Advocate

6:30 PM MDT
Dine Arounds

Join an intimate group of your Family Business or FEA peers for a casual dinner and lively conversation guided by one of our Community Ambassadors. Groups will “dine around” at various locations in Calgary.

If you'd like to participate in the Dine Arounds, please sign up here or email Emma Crane at

Please note: Attendees will be responsible for their dining expenses.


Wednesday, May 29
7:30 AM - 3:30 PM MDT
7:30 AM MDT

Enjoy a wonderful breakfast while learning and connecting alongside your family, friends and colleagues before our day begins!

8:30 AM MDT
A Message From Our Community Leaders

Please join us as we give thanks to our community's supporters and recognize the importance of supporting family enterprise.

8:45 AM MDT
An Inspiring Family Business Story:
Rohit Group

Please join us as we hear another inspiring family business story we can all learn from.

Rooted in Family Values - With an intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit, Radhe Gupta founded Rohit Group in 1986. Together with his wife Krishna and son Rohit, Radhe Gupta grew the company from a small home builder to a diversified organization with operations in home building, residential and land development, and commercial assets. This vertical integration has positioned Rohit Group as an industry leader in Western Canada.

Rohit Gupta, President, Rohit Group

9:55 AM MDT
Concurrent Family Discussion

Money and Well-Being: What Enterprise-Owning Families Need to Know

Science and our own lived experience tell us that money has significant effects on mental health and overall well-being. Significant wealth can sometimes usher in new complexities in family life. In this session, wealth psychologist Dr. Moira Somers draws on research done with exceptional families who have learned how to navigate these complexities.

Dr. Moira Somers, Founding Partner, Blackwood Family Enterprise Services

Concurrent FEA Session

Guiding the Family at the Crossroads of Continuity

This panel of advisors from diverse backgrounds will immerse you in a thought-provoking case study depicting a family wrestling with succession challenges. The panel will illuminate the complexities involved with the decision the family is facing as they contemplate an attractive offer they have received for their operating business.

During this engaging session, the panelists will offer invaluable insights from their respective fields of expertise. They will share strategies for supporting the family through a multi-disciplinary approach. This will take into account the impact their decision will have across the spectrum of the family’s wealth including the financial implications, the careers of the family members working in the business, as well as the broader social implications.

This session promises invaluable perspectives and actionable insights to navigate successful generational transitions.

Chris Gandhu, Partner, Family Office, KPMG

Real Estate - Kieran Young, Co-Head Partnership Office, Hazelview Investments
Financial Assets - Aurélie Jaclot, Chief Experience Officer, Grayhawk Wealth
Family Dynamics/Philanthropy - Patrick O’Connor, President, Blackwood Family Enterprise Services

10:45 AM MDT
Networking Break

Enjoy a break with your family, friends and colleagues.

11:25 AM MDT
Sustainability and ESG in Family Businesses: Driving Impact, Creating Value

Join us for an engaging plenary session as renowned family business expert, Dr. Pramodita Sharma, leads a discussion on the critical role of sustainability in building resilient family enterprises.

In an era where societal and environmental challenges are increasingly urgent, family enterprises are uniquely positioned to drive positive change while creating long-term value for stakeholders.

This interactive session will delve into the multifaceted dimensions of sustainability and the complexities of integrating responsible environmental, social and governance principles into the business models of successful legacy firms. Insights gained from business families around the world at different stages of sustainability journey will be shared, and we will explore the best practices and innovative approaches adopted by family businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Dr. Pramodita (Dita) Sharma, Schlesinger-Grossman Chair of Family Business at the Grossman School of Business, University of Vermont

12:25 PM MDT

Enjoy a delicious lunch with the whole community as we begin reflecting on what we have learned so far at Symposium.

1:25 PM MDT
Creating An Innovation Ecosystem: How Family Enterprises Are Shaping Alberta’s Technology Frontier

Family enterprises have a defining role within Canada’s innovation ecosystem. In Alberta, we see this play out in a number of industries, from food to high-tech. This session explores this topic from three different family perspectives and will provide participants with ideas and questions to take back to their leadership teams on what role they want their family to play in the innovation ecosystem.

Terry Rock, President & CEO, Platform Calgary

Gena Rotstein, Co-Founder, Karma & Cents
Dean Koeller, President & CEO, UDP, Dealing Representative

Mike Mannix, Founder & Managing Partner, Band Capital Partners
Shelley Kuipers, Co-CEO and General Partner, The51
Dean Koeller, President & CEO, UDP, Dealing Representative

2:30 PM MDT
AI's Impact on Business Family Values

Join the Alberta Business Family Institute (ABFI) for this extraordinary session on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative potential for business families and Family Enterprise Advisors. With a longer-term view and better decision-making structures, business families have the potential to harness AI for transformation, utilizing it as a Virtual Assistant, Data Wizard and Creative Coach to build efficiency, foster innovation and uphold their values-driven approach. We'll explore real-world applications, focusing on generative Al tools that you can implement in each of the three areas. Whether you want to streamline operations, make better data-driven decisions or boost creativity, this session will provide you with knowledge and questions to effectively look at AI tools.

Matt Knight, Executive Director, Alberta Business Family Institute at the University of Alberta
Vern Glaser, Professor, Alberta School of Business & Academic Director, Alberta Business Family Institute

3:15 PM MDT
Closing Remarks