Join us for a community cocktail reception! This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other members of our community and enjoy a relaxing evening of networking & conversation.
This certification course will educate you about contemporary and pressing generational, social, environmental and economic trends affecting family enterprises. Register today to save your spot!
You are invited to join us for a family business tour of Gerrie Electric and Wholesale. With the third generation now actively working in the business and carving out their own path, learn how the family has been driving innovation and growth to create a successful and sustainable business for future generations.
Discover exclusive insights and firsthand experiences in our FEA Insider Insights: Coffee Chat Series! Gain valuable knowledge and explore the transformative value of the FEA Program and FEA Community with FEA insiders. Join us for dynamic conversations and unlock the secrets to success in family enterprise advising.
Get the inside scoop on the experience and impact of the Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) Program and Designation. Join Wendy Sage-Hayward and Tim Mohr in a candid chat as they share their key learnings, how the program shifted their practice and the ongoing benefits of being part of the FEA community.
Join our community information session to discover the events, programs, and resources available to both new and existing members. Explore opportunities, connect with peers, and empower your journey as a Family Business or Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA).
Immediately following the Discovering Family Ownership Webinar, please join NextGen Ambassador Host Lianne Ulin and Steve Legler, FEA who will facilitate a conversation on how the topic relates to the rising generation.
Enjoy this informative lunch & learn webinar as we explore a fundamental pillar of successful family businesses around the world: family ownership!
Most people spend their whole lives avoiding conflict. They run from it as if it’s an entity that will swallow them whole and leave them bereft of everything that matters most to them. Join us to learn how you, and your family business clients, can reframe the notion of conflict as an opportunity instead of a threat.
Learn more about Family Enterprise Canada In this online information session, we want to give you a real sense of what our community has to offer. We'll be joined by a family business member who will share details about their experience and explain how our community has impacted them and their family. This session will also highlight the benefits of membership and give us the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.