→ Part of Connecting Family Enterprise — Alberta Please join us for an Italian lunch and an opportunity to network with FEA friends - old and new - from Edmonton and area.
→ Part of Connecting Family Enterprise — Alberta Please join our host Alex Adelaar, Vice President, Shareholder Relations & Investments for Coril Holdings Ltd , our facilitator Gena Rostein, Philanthropy Advisor and Principal of Karma & Cents and Nicole Monaco, Director of Marketing and Communication from Chandos Construction to learn more about the Chandos Construction and their determination to be net zero by 2040.
The Advising With Impact certification program will educate advisors and business family leaders about contemporary and pressing generational, social, environmental and economic trends affecting family enterprises.
→ Part of Connecting Family Enterprise — BC.ABC Recycling is Western Canada's largest metal recycling company. With ten locations across British Columbia, Alberta, and Washington State, ABC Recycling is a Canadian family enterprise with a 111-year heritage of serving and supporting communities through metal recovery, processing and recycling. ABC is committed to strengthening its relationships with Indigenous Peoples in every city it operates in. As well as committing themselves to reducing their environmental impact, ABC is a recipient of the Green Marine certification.
→ Part of Connecting Family Enterprise — BC. .Join us for a community cocktail reception! This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other members of our community and enjoy an evening of networking, conversation, and relaxation.
→ Part of Connecting Family Enterprise — BC. Join us to learn more about Compass for Entrepreneurial Families, an educational program developed to provide business families with a better understanding of fundamental, contemporary concepts.
→ Part of Connecting Family Enterprise Gorman Bros. Lumber is known for creating The Finest Boards. Perhaps even more, they are known for working together and for the value they place on the family roots that connect them with their employees. This culture of family results in employees staying long term and creating product in a way that gives this small family company a big impact in the community.
→ Part of Connecting Family Enterprise — BC Determining how best to approach leadership is already a challenging journey - add in a family business with its legacies, culture, and history, and the challenge increases.
Join us online for a conversation with members of our community as we tackle the issues affecting our NextGen community! Learn from current NowGen as they share what it took to properly transition from Next to Now.
Join us for this opportunity to socialize in person with our local NextGen community! Don't miss out!