*Exclusive to Business Families* Families Summit of Minds connects enterprising families and global thought leaders to explore today's issues and tomorrow's opportunities. Be part of unique discussions drawing on shared wisdom, contrasting opinions and solution-driven ideas. Space is limited!
Are you an FEA graduate who is interested in refreshing and deepening your understanding and application of family enterprise advising? Join the FEA community and host Gaia Marchisio for Integrating FEA Into Your Practice
This is a unique opportunity to meet the FEA Faculty, network with FEA friends from the region and the candidates in the three 2023 FEA Program Cohorts. Wendy Sage-Hayward, Academic Director, and the FEA Faculty will host a world café style event focusing on practice management insights for family enterprise advisors.
Symposium is our signature conference for the family business community, taking place in Calgary where you can expect inspiring family stories, dynamic keynote speakers, skill-building workshops and engaging panel discussions that are all uniquely tailored to the family business experience.
Symposium 2022 is our signature conference for the family business community taking place in beautiful downtown Vancouver, where you can expect dynamic keynote speakers, interactive skill-building workshops, family stories and engaging panel discussions that are all uniquely tailored to the family business experience.
Sustainability is every family’s business. Please join our host, Alex Adelaar, and learn how your family business or your family business clients can embed sustainability and adopt ESG measures in a family business.
Learn why Indigenous equity is an issue that needs to be shared on a national level. Together with your FEA community, Karen Alko will share how and why ABC made this the centre piece to their sustainability initiative.
Want to learn more about sustainability and how businesses can be used as a force...
Join us in an informative discussion on understanding environmental metrics and performance and how Cove, Bernie Geiss' award-winning insurance brokerage has developed their sustainability practice using B-Corp and other channels.
Join the Mathisen family of Arpeg Group, a third-generation family business, as they share their family enterprise story and tour us through And-Co, a purpose-built workspace delivering a world-class, innovative environment with everything you need to do business in downtown Vancouver. After the tour, please stay for a glass of wine and some tasty hors d'oeuvres!
Part of Celebrating Family Enterprise — Calgary | An exclusive opportunity to meet the successful family business that invented micro-canning, Cask Global Canning Solutions. Come hear their story!
→ Part of Celebrating Family Enterprise — Calgary Re-connect in-person, celebrate, and recognize the importance...
The September 15th Community Call will provide an overview of the Family Business for Sustainable...